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The Weinstein Group Adds New Product Lines

February 1, 2009 – Langhorne, PA, USA - The Weinstein Group, LLC, a leading professional manufacturer’s representative agency specializing in bringing the world's best bath, kitchen and architectural products to market, announced today that it has expanded its already extensive product line to include Gessi USA, Santec and Herbeau Creations.

"We are very excited to offer these highly-stylized product lines to our clients," said John Weinstein, founder of The Weinstein Group. "Our mission has always been to offer well-designed product lines that enable our clients to remain competitive in style while maintaining optimum profit margins."

Gessi USA - Gessi is the world renowned designer and manufacturer of excusive collections of faucets, accessories, and wellness concepts. With a passion for purity in form, and advanced technical function, Gessi creates distinctive bath and kitchen products evoking fine living. Luxuriously fitting the seven star rating, Gessi is Italian design, defined.

Santec, Inc. - Incorporating equal measures of art and technology, Santec is dedicated to creating innovative bath and kitchen products that meet the highest standards of quality, design, and functionality.

Herbeau Creations – From chamber pots and wooden buckets to the gleaming tubs and toilets of today, the history of Herbeau has become synonymous with the evolution of the kitchen and bath. Founded in 1857, Herbeau Creations makes faucets, sinks, tubs, and toilets that feature the latest in plumbing innovations.

About The Weinstein Group

The Weinstein Group, LLC is a professional sales agency specializing in bringing the world's best bath, kitchen and architectural products to market while performing as a full service resource agency for dealers, developers, builders, architects and interior designers. We offer a seamless collaboration for manufacturers, showroom dealers, and the architect/design industry.

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