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The Weinstein Group Celebrates 7th Anniversary

It was February 2002 when John Weinstein recognized the need for a luxury based, independent, manufacturer's representative agency in the mid Atlantic region. The moon and the stars were aligning and so were the desires of a few of the best brands in the industry to contract with the new agency; companies such as Dornbracht, Villeroy & Boch, Mr. Steam and Sonia America to name a few. John had been the Sales and Marketing Director of Showrooms for U. S. Supply Co. and prior to that Weinstein Supply Co. before creating The Weinstein Group, LLC.

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2008 Packed With Good Stuff! Huh?

Yes, you heard it right here. Go tell somebody. 2008 was a year of change all right, and especially for TWG. It was challenging, changing, exciting and at times frightening but in the end it's all "good stuff". The agency made some very difficult decisions as several new principal companies were added to the agency portfolio. JACLO, Gessi USA, Santec, Inc. and Herbeau Creations all signed on with TWG in 2008. This bold undertaking came on the heels of a primary manufacturer for the agency shifting from independent sales agents to factory sales persons.

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GESSI Marches In

Gessi USA, Italy's leading decorative faucet manufacturer is poised to take the USA by storm in the contemporary, luxury faucet, fittings and fixture segment.

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