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2010 New Year Update - Commentary

It was an unsustainable ride upward from 2000 to the zenith of 2007 which ended in a subsequent decline with the liquidity crisis of 2008. This was extreme capitalism gone terribly wrong and the whole world was, and still is, affected.

There are many articles and opinions on the topic but the common thread is that we need to stabilize our economy and cure the enormous disparity of income and wage earners. America needs to increase its savings, be more responsible, less gluttonous and must produce more product while adding tariffs to imported goods.

So how will all of this affect us and what effect will it have on our industry, businesses and personal lives? Businesses will survive by streamlining their operations and taking a more conservative approach to their market. They will benefit by seizing opportunities to invest in productivity tools and become increasingly leaner and more precise in their daily marketing. New energy and conservation based businesses will emerge. Companies dedicated to environmental sustainability will be at an advantage as they serve their markets while motivating their employees through improved opportunities and workplaces.

As difficult as our business climate has been, I remain confident that we will emerge from of this crisis a stronger nation, with a renewed awareness and appreciation for what we have and who we are. Keep the faith.

Out with the Old and In with the New

The Weinstein Group is very proud to announce the NEW representation for 2010 of:

Kaldewei USA
Electric Mirror®
Clearwater USA
Zoli® loft & bath®

Earlier in 2009
Watermark Designs®
and Diamond Spas®
were also added to our client list.


Just a Few Green Statements:

Each and every one of our fine companies has made outstanding commitments to environmental responsibility, we will mention a few here.

Neo-Metro and Diamond Spas both use domestically available recycled stainless steel raw materials and operate utilizing environmentally responsible methods.

As of February 2008, Xylem’s complete line of bath furniture complies with the toughest regulations of California Air Research Board’s (CARB) new standards for plywood and subsequent furniture products to eliminate Formaldehyde and VOC’s. Xylem has also worked very hard to reduce polystyrene packaging material in exchange for post consumer paperboard buffers (egg crate style).

Gessi’s green production commitment is extensive and ranges from the factory’s natural daylight ceilings to a state of the art plating facility capturing all off gases, minimizing waste water through recycling and disposing only 100% pure clean water. (see

EWS is helping to save the planet one plastic bottle at a time by marketing GAC whole home water filtration and also eliminating the need for salt softeners, thus reducing the impact of saline saturation on our fresh water aquifers.

Please be sure to visit each of our other manufacturers to see what actions they’re taking and how their products may contribute to the environment AND increase your sales.

Your clients and customers share this interest so learning the facts and sharing this knowledge with them, will help you sell the products they really want and are looking for.